Wednesday, April 28, 2010

perseverance and pipes

so, here's the thing: i guess i don't give up.

i got home from work, covered in nastiness from cleaning bathrooms all morning. our sink was beyond clogged. water was coming up and there was gross food everywhere, and was pretty vile.

all growing up even now, if there were problems in the house or with the car or with the computer, my dad was there. whether he knew about things or not, he'd tweak them, push them to their possible breaking point, twist some pipes and run some programs, and it'd be back to normal. even better. i think i've taken a little bit of that with me.

so, i looked at the pipes, tried a few things, twisted some pipes and let some water leak, all the while getting dirty. i plunged the sink yes, i plunged the sink. mind you, the plunger i used was for the sink, not the toilet. gross. and sure enough, the sound of the disposal working might as well have been the rocky theme,

because i conquered.


Jeff and Sarah said...

Well done Kayleigh. If you can tackle toilets, and clogged sinks, diapers should be a breeze!!!!:)

Kayleigh said...

yeah. in a decade or so.

Whitney Leigh said...