Thursday, March 25, 2010

to: moon unit

this post is dedicated to whit leigh.
you will understand all the
ambiguities today, whit.

remember that time in high school with this song?
or when we were in ms. spencer's class
and when she'd say "time" we'd pound our chests?

remember the punch dancing that went completely wrong? it was windy, and i was in a dress. it was liberating, for that brief moment before your foot broke. we never did finish our punch dancing experience.

there was also december our senior year, the week before cotillion...

remember when i liked wyoming boy, and your cockapoo about attacked him?
or when i told you about the swkt, and you said, "if a boy takes you to a 'swicket,' you kiss him."
you didn't even know what a swicket was, and you still don't

remember screaming on the phone with me?
remember screaming in the car with me?

there was also that time when i was upset about life: my family, boys, and i just ran away to your house right as you were going to work. you listened, and let me cry. you let me cry a lot of times to you. even though you didn't know how to really handle it, up until recently. kudos on being more in touch with your emotions, by the way

remember choir? and the ebola virus? and how you had that movie for three months?

and i'll always remember the runs over to tasty's. or how arby's makes us sick. or how we 'confiscated' food into movies over. and over. and over.

and now, i'll always remember that time you came to my apartment and said you loved a boy.
how i didn't believe you.
and after some explanation, i realized you weren't lying.
how, "i don't know" after someone asked if you could marry him was a big deal.

but despite everything that may happen in the future, you'll always be the girl from mr. knecht's class who helped me take him back to his days in 'nam. that one girl who became friends with me over a huge piece of chicken at applebee's.

i love you.


Whitney Leigh said...

i'm literally tearing up right now.

thanks kayleigh. :) you're my bfff

Whitney Leigh said...

and you're right, i still don't know what a swicket is.

Whitney Leigh said...

That- was the kindest thing I've ever read.


and that video of me rolling around on the floor. priceless.