Thursday, March 4, 2010

les murs

i'm going to write about how i in the words of becs "drop-kicked my two midterms in the face," but it's not exactly what i want to write about.

what i want to write about is off-limits. limits that i've put on myself as well as limits put on me by others unintentionally, i'm sure.

so here's to building walls.
here's to the huge fortresses
decorated with sharp turrets
and moats full of alligators that
have been built.

i never liked you before, in fact i tried to break them down many-a-time, but there's not much of a choice right now.


Whitney Leigh said...

I like how i don't understand your titles sometimes because they are in a different language and i like how sometimes i don't understand what you blog about because it's so vague it might as well be a different language.

Kayleigh said...

Bahahaha. I love ambiguity.

Kayleigh said...

Of course, it's not very reader-friendly...depending on your audience.

Whitney Leigh said...

no not really.
and i'm like, your bff and stuff, so i think i should like, get what your thinking and whatnot. your eye twitced a little because i just used 'your' in the wrong context, but like, i still have only a slight idea of what might be going through your brain in this post.

Whitney Leigh said...

hahahahahah ^^^ that was funny.