Sunday, March 21, 2010

i think it's spring that did it to me

i was reading in a book recently that life isn't about all the big things that happen.

yes, the "big things" (like going to kindergarten, learning to drive a car, going to college, mission, marriage, kids, etc.) are incredibly important moments to existence. but the real substance of our lives is in the small things.

every single emotion felt: whether it be how i felt after i lost, when my heart beats powerfully sporadic for one reason or another, feeling alive after running 2.3 miles, being embarrassed daily in my french class....those make up me.

every single person met: family and friends obviously, the girl who complimented my red jacket, the guy who held the door open for me, the cashier at the bookstore who always comments on my buying peanut butter m&ms. they make up me.
the missionaries.whit leigh.sadie jean.that one missionary.britt. dad.cross-country runner.muslim.wyoming boy.
all part of me.

every small thing: those leaves i crunch on when i walk up the stairs from hell. driving with becs to get overpriced paninis in stella. the red-ness of strawberries. the goldfish who survived against all odds. how my best friend legitimately loves a boy and how happy that makes me. singing queen with whit.

those make up my story.

and for the first time in my life, i realized how grateful i am that they do make up my story. the goods. the bads. the in-betweens.

because when it comes down to it
life is all about the in-betweens.


Whitney Leigh said...

This is what i like to hear. you make me happy best friend!!

Wendyburd1 said...

I always hear that, it is the small things that are truly important.

Ashley said...

Well said!

E.m.K. said...

"life is all about the in-betweens."

True. It's the transitions that get us from one place to another. :) You are loved!

Whitney Leigh said...

I love this.

And I still legitimately love that boy. And I'm smiling like an idiot over this.