Tuesday, March 16, 2010

growing tired

and today i leave you with not my thoughts, but an excerpt from a book. the book i read really quickly, so i don't remember much about it, but this particular paragraph stood out to me as beautiful.

the words, the way he describes...


"'...Who was not his friend who had heard him speak once?' she was saying. 'He drew men towards him by what was best in them.' She looked at me with intensity. 'It is the gift of the great,' she went on, and the sound of her low voice seemed to have the accompaniment of all the other sounds, full of mystery, desolation, and sorrow, I had ever heard--the ripple of the river, the soughing of the trees swayed by the wind, the murmurs of wild crowds, the faint ring of incomprehensible words cried from afar, the whisper of a voice speaking from beyond the threshold of an eternal darkness."

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Whitney Leigh said...

ooh, I like that. What book is that from?