Thursday, February 25, 2010

when i'm fifty

my roommate, whitney, made a video
for her mother, who is turning fifty today.
and because i love whitney, and i love the video,
i've decided to post it.

disclaimer: yes, i'm in the video. yes, i look like i got run over by a semi-truck. and yes; i'm wearing flannel.


Jeff and Sarah said...

Who's the guy with the one liners. They are awesome.:) Because of him I no longer fear turning 50:) Thanks dude.

Kayleigh said...

It's Whit's dad.

Whitney said...

Haha! Thanks, Kayleigh. I'm quite proud of it, if I do say so myself. (:

Whitney Leigh said...

good laws you're not going to slap people's butts. if you do, i'll give you twenty dollars.

guarantee when we're fifty i'll still be bribing you to do random stuff.

Whitney Leigh said...

I'll still give you $20 if you slap someone's butt.