Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Irony? Who knows.

Sometimes I laugh at how much my life is ridiculous.

Completely and utterly ridiculous.

When crappy things happen to you, sometimes you can't help but just laugh at how much you suck at life. Sucking at life is hilarious.

And on an unrelated ridiculous note, having a boy from your 9th grade art class that you liked (A LOT) off and on for years come back out of the blue and kiss you? Ya. That's pretty hilarious too. That one's still got me laughing my face off, and that was two months ago. That was something that I didn't see coming.


live, laugh, love said...

Who was it??? Random, but great I'm sure!!!

Whitney Leigh said...

the irony is still killing me. :)

if nothing else, you gotta admit that rocked.

Kayleigh said...

Ya. That rocked pretty hard core. Still rocks my socks off. Haha.

And the irony was killing you from moment one, Whitney! Remember in the car on the way to the Gateway that day? "Oh the irony is killing me! You have to kiss him! Blah blah blah..." Haha.

Whitney Leigh said...

I'm glad he stopped with the kiss and didn't put your face on his debit card.