Sunday, December 7, 2008

If I'm not back in 10 seconds....

BYU's comedy troupe, Divine Comedy is pretty freakin' hilarious, if you ask me. I laughed at it today while I was on my date with this kid from my religion class. I laughed a lot, actually.

What I didn't laugh at was the disgusting overly-publicized displays of affection coming from the couple sitting in front of me and my date. I mean, they were consistently kissing each other...on the cheek, on the lips...blech! Please. I DON'T want to see that. Not while I'm on a date, either. It just made it so freakin' awkward.

For those of you who have never experienced Divine Comedy before, they throw ridiculous amounts of candy out at the audience, and they are also consistently throwing out glow sticks throughout every scene change. So, candy all over the place and more glow sticks than you ever thought could possibly exist in the world.

Well, I have this weird love of throwing things in large crowds. I found out that I liked doing this when I was in high school...with a bag of M& an assembly. Needless to say, I just threw them in random spots and kind of laughed if they hit someone in the head. I'm so weird. Tonight, whenever it went dark I would throw one of the many glowsticks I had out in random places. It was cool, too, because I could see where they went because *duh* they were glowing. I ended up getting so fed up with the people in front of us that I told my date I was going to throw a glow stick at them. I did. And the guy next to me looked at me half like I was the biggest jerk he'd ever seen and half like I was some crazed lunatic. I'm pretty sure my date thought I was crazy. And the couple was so busy making the face out that they didn't even notice (not really, but they apparently didn't care that I threw a glow stick at them).

Oh well. I think my date thought I was insane anyways. When he rang my doorbell, my roommate (trying to be funny and not realizing it was my date) yelled out, "Go away!" And when I called this guy to let him know I was free tonight, I had been with a bunch of my friends at the Olive Garden, and they were being so loud and obnoxious while I was talking with him, and I was laughing so hard...I sounded insane. Meh. I don't particularly care.


The Boob Nazi said...

I. Hate. PDA.
I'm so happy you threw something at them. SO HAPPY

Kristina P. said...

Never been to Divine Comedy. Sounds like fun though!

Whitney Leigh said...

Tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim tim-tim-tim-tim-tim-tim AND KAYLEIGH!!!

Whitney Leigh said...

^^ no idea. NO IDEA.

dying that you threw a glow stick at them.

And I totally forgot about the term "make the face out." love it.