Monday, October 6, 2008

Utah gotta love it!

Did anyone else in Utah county notice how in a day, it went from pretty dang warm to definite fall weather? I've lived in Utah all my life, and I still don't think I will get used to the bipolar nature of the weather.

When I first decided to go to BYU for my schooling, the neverending comments about my impending "marriage" began to come from everybody, stopping short of random people on the street pointing and laughing and saying "Ring by spring! Ring by spring!" In all honesty, I was very upset by how people reacted to where I was going. I ended up blowing up at my mom in the middle of church one day because she went out with a bunch of her friends and they had a pool going about when I'd get married (seriously, people...I decide my future. NOT YOU). I got a nice, long talkin'-to from my dad, who used the example that he's been bald for years and is still hearing bald jokes from everybody. He said, "Just take it as it comes. If someone says you'll be married in a year, say 'Oh, I'm betting six months.' See what they say then."

So, I did that with this one kid. Jeff Dickman. And if he ever by chance reads this, he knows why I said what I said. He was sitting in front of me at a meeting for our school's literary magazine, and he and I started talking about college. He made the comment that I was going to get "married within a year" and, taking my dad's advice, I turned to him and said, "Oh, I'm shooting for six months." Haha, he was speechless. He didn't know what to say, and he kind of gave me this funny look and was trying not to be rude, but he just laughed uncomfortably and turned around in his desk. Good stuff.

I think I've become resilient to it all now, because I went to a family party yesterday, and of course when they found out I was going to school at BYU, I got all sorts of questions about marriage and how that's the only reason girls go down there (for the record, that was honestly not my intention...I filled out a survey before I came for the university, and on filling out my reasons for coming here, I realized that it was actually not my intention at all). Someone said, "Oh, you're going down there for your M.R.S. degree, aren't you?" (wow, original...that's one I've never heard before *insert sarcasm here*) I just said, "Ya, I guess so. That's the rumor going around, anyway." It was my family, and I didn't want to offend I figured I should be relatively caustic-free.

I'm proud to say, though, that I've grown relatively numb to the comments made. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I admitted I had a problem with my mother (my own mother joined the bandwagon, for crying out loud!) laughing about my supposed marriage, and then I rectified the situation. Making progress is what life's all about. :)


Kristina P. said...

Wow, your family is brutal! You look young. I'm sure you have plenty of time. YOu seem to have a great attitude about it.

Kiersten said...

Well, Kayleigh, I was one of those who got angry about that, and swore that I wasn't going to get married young...

Yeah, met my hubby the first week there, got married the next summer.

Oh, the irony. Of course, I wouldn't change a thing, because here's the kicker--when it's right, (really right, not just, oh it would be great to get married and hey we're dating so let's get married) it's right, whether that's right after your freshman year or right after you finish law school.

Wait, you didn't know you were going to law school?

Kiersten said...

Also, good heavens I'm behind on your blog, but loved your post about good old Jim.

I, too, cannot fathom the intense adoration of Edward (I'm sorry Kristina, just kiss your book and ignore me). Especially considering their relationship has nearly all of the red flag signs of a potential abuser...

Sarah said...

In my defense, the pool for your pending marriage was a joke!!! No I don't want to see you married just yet. Love mom.

Sarah said...

I think you should print a retraction of your statement about me starting a pool.:-)

Kayleigh said...

Haha, family is hilarious. They like to harrass me...and my mom was very unaware as to how sensitive a subject it actually was. And much agreed...I'm 19 and I have LOTS of time. :)

Everybody has been telling me that too, Kiersten. If I meet the right one, then the rest is far I'm not thinking I've met him yet. You never know, though.

I am not retracting that statement, Mom. I didn't retract the harsh statement about the BYU Bookstore, and they scare me more than you do. :) All that matters is I knew it was a joke.

And apparently I'm going to law school. Thanks Kiersten. :)