Friday, October 31, 2008

Long Post...ADHD Bloggers Beware! Ye Be Warned!

So, I got tagged by Kiersten, whose blog is pretty freakin' amazing, if you've never seen it (and I hope she's okay that I posted a link to her blog on mine...if not, speak up, Kiersten! I promise I'll take the link off). Anyways, I'd never been tagged before, so I was pretty excited. It's just six random things about me, so I hope you enjoy.

1. If you couldn't tell by the pictures on my blog, I love to travel. :) Granted, I haven't been to a whole bunch of different places in the United States, but I have been out of the country quite a few times. My mom is actually from England (born and raised) and that's where we go, so I've been there 5 different times. I love it over there. I think England will always have a special place in my heart, because it's so pretty and I've got so many good memories from over there with my mom's side of the family.

2. When I was 12, one of the first mutual activities I went to was a highly anticipated trip to a corn maze. I was excited (I was a little 12-year-old, and the novelty of actually going to mutual was still there) and when we went through the corn maze, I (of course) picked up a dried up ear of corn (which was against Rule #1 of the corn maze, apparently) and started just picking off the kernals one by one and throwing them. Well, as we progressed through the maze, we were hearing some noise in the corn by us, and I said, "Oh, stupid people throwing corn at us! [which was against Rule #2 of the corn maze]" and I decided to throw the handful of kernals that I had into the corn. Now, I didn't throw them at anybody, I just threw them and the ear of corn into the actual stalks themselves. This voice comes behind me and says, "You know what that means, don't you?" I turned around with the girls I was with, and it was one of the workers there. He said in this authoritative voice, "Yer comin' with me." So, being the little, innocent 12-year-old I was, I followed him with tears in my eyes (I was a good little kid...I had never even gone to the principle's office, so I didn't get in trouble a whole lot). Wanting moral support, I dragged my other mutual friends with me (one of the girls, who is a good friend of mine now, said she felt sorry for me). It was all rather traumatic for me at the time. When I went home to tell my parents, my leader came with me because I was scared, and my dad just laughed at me.

3. I've mentioned this one on my blog before, but I'll mention it again: I have never been kissed. For a while, I was fine with it. I was the anomaly in high school who had never been kissed. I was just waiting for a guy I really liked, and didn't want to waste my first kiss on some idiot. Well, each year went by, and I got older and older, and I wasn't getting so fine with it. Now I'm 19, and still haven't "partaken of the fruit," as my friend Whit says. Which, honestly, is now okay with me. I figure that eventually it will come. I have the tendency to like really shy boys, so of course just to hold my hand is a feat for them, but kissing? Forget about it. That might be why. I think I kind of terrify guys, though. Some girls can just get guys to flock to them because of their personalities, and I don't think I was born with that gene. It's cool, though. My time will come. Haha.

4. I absolutely love to draw (or paint, whatever). Art in general is something I love (when I have the motivation or the inspiration to do something with it). My artsy-ness came early in life, I guess, because my mom said that when I would color in coloring books when I was 2, I would actually color within the lines and make sure that everything looked perfect (my perfectionism came out at an early age, too).

5. I have always had one or two best friends who are girls, but in all honesty, I've gotten along better with guys as friends. When I was super little, there was my neighbor friend. When I was in first grade, the red-haired, freckle-faced boy Brigham was my really good friend. Fourth grade rolled around and Kyler was my best friend and we're still friends. Ninth grade was when my huge group of guy friends came along...Brant, Andy, Adam, JJ, and Casey...and they've been there ever since.

6. I was once trapped in my bathroom with a spider in the middle of the night (and I'm absolutely terrified of spiders...I can't even look at a picture of a spider without getting creeped out). I had just finished up with what I needed to do, and on my way to leave the bathroom, there was a spider between me and the locked bathroom door. Now, this wasn't just some little jumping spider. This was Charlotte if she wasn't so sweet and kind to those other farm animals. This spider would have eaten those farm animals for breakfast (and yes, that was an over statement, but it was BIG). So, I kind of just sat on my bathroom counter and cried, waiting for it to go away (because I can't kill them...I'm afraid that I'll try to kill it, and then it'll run away onto my hand, or it won't be dead in the toilet paper and will crawl all over seems logical in my head). Finally, something happened, and the stupid thing started running away. Now, spiders are creepy to watch when they walk and it caught me off guard, so of course I screamed bloody murder. I hear stomping footsteps coming down the stairs, and my dad pounding on the door (by this time, I could unlock it because the spider was gone). He comes into my bathroom and gives me an earful about how he thought I was getting kidnapped or something (this was a little after the whole Elizabeth Smart incident) and all it was was a freakin' spider. Needless to say, he was not happy.

So, there you go! Sorry it was so long. I had nothing better to do at 12:41 a.m. anyways....haha. I hope you enjoy the 6 random things that you probably never needed to know about me.

And I tag Whitney Leigh, Whitney R., and The Boob Nazi (and if none of you want to do a tag...I won't judge or hate you for life, I promise).


The Boob Nazi said...

I was 20 when I got my first kiss. It was my roommate's brother because I just wanted to get it over with. WAIT!! Really. I've never actually kissed a guy I liked, so I don't KNOW if it's better, but everyone tells me it is. WAIT! Don't just kiss anyone. You'd think that'd be obvious, but I did it, so you never know.

Sarah said...

What is a tag?

Kristina P. said...

I was in my 20s when I had my first kiss (unless you count my 6 y ear old neighbor boy.) I don't think it's all that uncommon. Hang in there!

live, laugh, love said...

Haha i still say i haven't been kissed for real. the only ones i have a my "true aggie" night ones and honestly, i regret the whole kiss a random stranger thing... haha

Kayleigh said...

Boob Nazi and Kristina...thanks. :) It's nice to know that other people kind of went through the same thing. And I'll definitely wait now. No doubt about that.

Mom, haha, a tag is basically just what I did. Six random things about me, and then I tag another blog and they have to do it as well.

And welcome live, laugh, love (who I'm assuming is Megan, by the picture)!

Kiersten said...

Thanks, Kayleigh, that was fun!

And no worries--I was my husband's first kiss, and he was 21. My little sister's first kiss was when she was 21, and she married him.

Nothing wrong with waiting--kissing for the sake of kissing isn't your style ; )

And my kids LOVE spiders. They check books out from the library about them. It's freaky, but I'm glad they don't have my same terror.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha! I have conquered the post! Kayleigh, you know how incredibly ADD/ADHD/Whatever I am, and I read the whole thing! I think it might have helped that I knew all of the stuff and have heard all of the stories before, but hey! I'm proud of myself! And FYI, your first kiss will be freakin' awesome, so don't stress... Maybe if you didn't go home every weekend, you might meet somebody! Sheesh! Haha just kidding... Okay, well, this entire blog reading/commenting and Facebook checking has been an ADHD trip from homework land. I shall leave you now and travel back from whence I came.

clear_may said...

I love the spider story! Oh, that is so awesome. Aren't you glad that the ward only gave out ladybugs, butterflies, and frogs as service bugs?

Whitney Leigh said...


brb. going to read the rest of the post.

Whitney Leigh said...
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Whitney Leigh said...

"Partaken of the fruit" sounds so racy to me now. Like, I'm a little grossed out. haha

And I can totally see your dad laughing at you for getting kicked out of a corn maze and also getting mad at you for screaming at a spider.