Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quirky Quotations from a Terrific TA (I'm great at alliterations)

Here is another post full of quotes from the TA for my Psychology class. We had a review session today for the exam, and he was so funny. Haha, hope you enjoy.

In regards to the disaster that resulted in our professor explaining operant conditioning, "It was a hilarious disaster, I even laughed at one point, and I’m a jerk."

"I'm a bacon fan....you can probably tell."

Talking about positive punishment, "Classic example is your parents spanking you, which is ghetto."

Talking about ADD, "ADD kids don’t have a hard time paying attention. I mean, stick them in front of Grand Theft Auto and they’ll be there like, 9 hours later"

Again about ADD, "Say I have ADD. I finally focus on math, the teacher says it’s time for spelling, and I can’t do it. I’m still in Math-land and I can’t get to Spelling-land…it’s a long trip."

Regarding the sunk-cost effect (which is basically you stick something out, even if staying with is is a bad decision because you invested time, money, or effort in it), "Recently, I went to this concert of this artist I really like, Chris Cornell. You haven’t heard of him cuz I’m an old freakin' dude."

Again regarding the sunk-cost effect, "Dude, if people didn’t get married here because of sunk cost, nobody would be married."

Regarding the theory of g and Spearman, the guy who 'discovered' it (g standing for "general intelligence"), "How'd this guy get in a textbook? Really, just throw in a letter and he's famous. Complete rubbish..."

"I don't like the triarchic theory. It stinks."

“I’m kind of an evil person…I mean, I drink Mountain Dew.” [which makes me mega-evil...I love Mountain Dew]

When talking about how your brain is consciously making decisions before you realize it, he used the example of when a deer runs in front of your car, “You’re probably going to swerve before you say, ‘What the frek [no, that's not misspelled] that’s a deer.’ And if you’re a good person, you will say 'frek.'"

About circadian rhythms, “Your internal body clock; and if you don’t think it exists fly to Europe…" *whispers* "...it sucks.”

Regarding how people born blind dream, but not visually, "So, you have a dream about like, ice cream and stuff…" *gets really excited* "...I don’t know what this looks like, but it’s delicious!"

Haha, it just made me laugh. On the way back from that review session, it was about 8:00, and extremely dark outside. I was getting scared walking back, because the Stairs from Hell in the dark are terrifying. There are trees all over, and there are signs on trails that pass through the stairs that say, 'Don't walk this path alone at night.' Creepy. So, I saw this guy (and I knew he was kind of a safe guy because he was a student, and (sad as this is) he was more 'academic' looking...a.k.a. nerdy) and followed kind of close behind him. He kept glancing back behind him at me, and I'm sure he thought I was some kind of freak stalking him or something, but I figured, "Hey, if I run into a hobo, this guy will be my saving grace because he'll hear me scream and call the cops." But nothing happened, which was a relief. :)


The Boob Nazi said...

Operant conditioning. Also known as instrumental conditioning. That's the one with positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement and present a negative stimulus and remove a positive stimulus, right? I was just tested on that. I WIN

Kayleigh said...

Ya, it is. Shoot man, you know the material way better than I do! You totally win. I have to take an exam on it this upcoming week. Blah. At least it's better than the physics test I also have to take.

Sarah said...

Speaking of Bacon. I forgot, I bought you a package of cooked bacon at the weekend. It's in the freezer. See how much I love You.

Kristina P. said...

This reminds me. I really need to find some chocolate covered bacon.

The Boob Nazi said...

Ummm one night I was walking home from a thing on campus thinking, "Man, I hope I get attacked or something because that'd make a really good story." Instead I now have a story about how I was hoping I'd get attacked to have a story.
Does that make sense? I'm a nerd.
Apparently, I commented before the whole post was up, or I would have commented earlier.

Whitney R said...

HAhahaha. I loved that I knew 90% of what you were talking about, because I took Psych four years ago. Your tutor is really funny. Does he know your writing his quotes? LOL. And Chris Cornell?? He's great. Does that make me old? Or just super young and awesome because I know who Chris Cornell is and what bands he's played in.

Oh, and by the stairs from hell you mean, RAPE HILL?! And academic boys are always the most weird! Don't walk that way at night again, young lady!

If you want to make it out of Provo alive..... ;)

Sarah said...

Yeh, What Whitney r. said. "young Lady!"

Kayleigh said...

It is Rape Hill! Haha, I couldn't figure out for the life of me who else had called it that. I don't think it was you, Whitney R., but the fact that other people do call it that makes me feel like I'm not going crazy. And I really had no other way to get back to my apartment unless I wanted to fly...so it was take my chances with nerd boy and hobos or defy gravity.

Haha, and Nazi of Boobs, I saw that comment of yours right when I finished the post. I was like, "Whoa, she's fast." Then I realized what had happened. Haha. And I totally get what you're saying. I'm always looking for things to blog about, and that kind of thing would take the cake.

And when you find chacon, Kristina, I want some.

And Mom (a.k.a. Sarah)....welcome to the fold. And don't eat that bacon. :) Haha, I was upset that I forgot it.

Darin said...

I have a crazy S.I. lady for my Chemistry class. She's awesome, it's the only way I learn chemistry... Because the professor sucks. But anyways, so I have fun with crazy S.I. lady in class... Like once, we were talking about exothermic reactions, and she asked the class, "So if I'm holding a beaker, and I can feel it's getting warm, what happens?" And me, being me replied: "You put it down." She replied with "Thank you, smart ass." Haha she's freakin' awesome! She throws things at people who are sleeping and does other random stuff.

Kayleigh said...

Haha, Darin Darin Darin. You would say that. :) Haha. Sometimes those people that aren't the professors are so much better! Why don't they just teach the class. Gee.

Whitney Leigh said...

That nerdy kid was probably thinking, "THIS. THIS IS WHY THEY CALL IT RAPE HILL." as you were uncomfortably following him.