Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dearest JJ

It is amazing how much things change. How much people change, and how much potential there is for change in all of us (ya...I have used the record amount of the word "change" in the past few seconds).

This past Sunday was the first missionary farewell of many to come for the boys that have kind of been unofficially my brothers for the past few years. JJ is the first to leave, and he's reporting to the MTC tomorrow and leaving for Little Rock, Arkansas in less than a month.

I reflected with Whitney Sunday night on our way home about how everything got started between those boys and me. It was fun to think back on my own memories at how my relationships with all of them developed over the years. We've been through so much, really. And we've probably spent thousands of dollars on going out to eat or watch a movie, which is basically all we did. Haha...good times.
So, this post is kind of for JJ and all the good times (and maybe some not-so-good-times) we had. Everyone has their ups and downs, and we certainly had ours. I remember how mad I was at him when he insulted the fact that I couldn't get a guy to like me, so he insinuated that I "switch teams." (I can honestly tell you I almost cried when he said that...I was so sensitive to the subject at that time) I also remember all the times we went to his house and ate cookies in the winter, or lit off fireworks. The many times we thought we would die in his car because of his reckless driving...good times. I love that boy (LOVE him...not IN love with him...just for the record) and it was extremely sad to think that Sunday was the last time I was going to see him for two years. Granted, I am SO glad that he's decided to go on a mission (he wouldn't have been any less of a person if he didn't go, but I'm glad he decided he would) but I'm definitely going to miss him.


Kristina P. said...

What a nice tribute!

P.S. You are gorgeous!

Kayleigh said...

Aww, Kristina! That just made my day. :) Thanks!

Kiersten said...

Oh, please, I refuse to believe you can't get guys to like you. You're adorable. Honestly, with all the guy friends, they probably just thought you were taken!

And you're right--for those left behind, missions are kind of sad, really happy things ; )

Kayleigh said...

Oh, haha, he was just giving me crap. Sorry...I didn't mean for that to be a pity cry. I'd forgotten I'd put that in there. But thanks, though! I way appreciate it. I think Brant (my red-haired friend who's a big guy) probably intimidated most guys.

Whitney Leigh said...

being a lesbian is never NOT a back up plan for me.