Monday, March 31, 2008

'Tough Guys Don't Dance'.....the bane of my existence

I basically find pleasure in very simple things in life. One little happy moment can turn my entire day around from being crap to being a pretty dang good day. All in all (despite waking up to even more snow...ugh....just go away cold weather) I was having a pretty fantastic day.

And then I went to the library.

Well, things at the library were okay, until I decided to check out the books that I had found. I gave the girl my card, knowing in the back of my mind that, because of all my late fees and the missing Norman Mailer book that I never recovered, there might be some issues checking these books out. I was hoping beyond all reason that that wouldn't be the case, but when it took longer than normal for the girl to look at the computer screen, I realized that checking out a stupid book was going to be more complicated than I thought.

"You have $23.50 in fines, and to check out these books, you'll have to pay at least $8 of those fines," she told me matter-of-factly. I know she wasn't trying to be malicious. I know it was just her after-school job. But I was pretty embarrassed, and not too happy with her news to me.

Frantically, I dug through my purse, knowing that I had only $4, and admitting defeat, I just asked if I could come back later for the books. On going out to my car, I decided to call Whitney and ask her if she ever found that stupid book that she claimed she had never read. She told me that she had found it yesterday, and so maybe the I wouldn't have to use my gas money for the week paying for that book! I took it back to the library, and only had to pay the $4 that resided in my purse. It was rather exciting to me.

Haha, I know that all sounds ridiculously lame, but, like I said, simple things bring me the greatest joys. In all honesty, though, isn't that how life should be? If you're only looking for big, dramatic things to happen in life, either you'll live a very mundane existence, or you'll become a compulsive liar to make life seem more interesting (like the red-headed kid I had a crush on in my sophomore year....we so caught him in his lies...what a punk). Why not just take joy in dumb things? Ya, they may seem dumb to some people, but who cares? I certainly don't care about the fact that yes, the highlight of my day was finding a library book, but hey! I spared myself having to buy that disgusting book (Whit told me it was disgusting, at least). So...I'm happy.

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Whitney Leigh said...

what book is this?

yes, I'm musing through your archives. don't judge.