Sunday, March 30, 2008

Synopsis of My Life At This Point....

Basically, it's a Sunday and as much as I love watching Gilmore Girls reruns all day, I was getting into one of those dazes and needed to do something other than sit on my bed. So, my mom showed me our family blog yesterday, and it just seemed like the opportune time to start my own! Woo. This picture is just a picture of me from a couple summers ago and was the only decent one I could find. It looks kind of silly. I look like I'm throwing some sassy look at the camera, and honestly, that's not really how I roll. But I didn't look like a complete idiot, so there it is. :) life at this point in time....graduation in a few months (scary!) and BYU within the next six months (even scarier!). I'm not going to lie, growing up is not something I'm looking forward to. I know it will be good, and those closest to me I'll keep in contact with, but even still, not something that floats my boat. I've never been one for change.

Anyways...not much goin' on right now. The weather's been awful the past couple of days and I'm definitely ready for the nice weather to come back. It's like Mother Nature gave us a few days of beautiful weather and then said, "Ha! Just kidding! Here's more snow." That's basically my summation of it. Sorry if this is ridiculously boring....I'm not entirely sure what I should or shouldn't be putting in a "blog" (the word makes me feel odd....I can't believe that I, Kayleigh Skinner, a technological moron, actually started a blog). I'm sure I'll update with more exciting things than weather and fears of growing up as the week continues.

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Nathan and Lesly said...

Hey Kayleigh, so here is the first post on your first ever blog. Thanks for looking at mine! I think that you are an awesome young woman, and I feel old thinking you are getting ready for college! Take a look at my tag...and since you now have a blog, I tag you. (Cut and paste the question on to a post and fill in your answers)